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The company manages a terminal at the Dostyk station («Dostyk TransTerminal»). The new cargo transshipment terminal is located on area of 150 hectares in close proximity to the Dostyk-Alashankou border crossing point.

The terminal is designed for transshipment of cargo and containers from 1435 mm railway track (China) to 1520 mm railway track (Kazakhstan), cars and vice versa, as well as for handling, storage, repair, formation of block container trains crossing the Kazakh-Chinese border.

Today in operation at the container terminal:

  • 2 different gauge railway tracks (60 wagons each)
  • 3 Konecranes reachstackers (Sweden)

The terminal’s production capacity consists of four stages:

  • Stage 1 – 160,000 TEU;
  • Stage 2 – 160,000 TEU;
  • Stage 3 – 300,000 TEU;
  • Stage 4 provides for the modernization of the second stage and an additional capacity of 80,000 TEU

The final throughput of the terminal will be 700,000 TEU.

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