Container transportation
operator of the
Republic of Kazakhstan


The main activity of the company is based on the organization of container transportation, in the directions of China – Central Asia – Europe, not only in the service of UTLC ERA JSC, but also in its own:

China – Poland (Slavkow)

China – Moscow joint (Vorsino, Kupavna, Kresty, Elektrougli, Bely-Rast, Selyatino. Silikatnaya)

China – Hungary (Budapest)

China – Afghanistan (Galaba)

China – Georgia (Tbilisi, Poti)

China – Azerbaijan (Baku)

China – Tashkent joint – provision of fitting platforms

China – Kazakhstan – China

Ukraine (Kyiv-Liski) — China

The central office of the company is located in Nur-Sultan, regional offices are in all major cities of Kazakhstan.

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