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PTC Cargo was awarded a diploma in the nomination “The best project of the Year — Dostyk TransTerminal container cargo transshipment terminal”.

The awarding ceremony of the First National Prize in the field of transport and logistics “Magistral” was held in Astana.

The diploma was presented to the general director of the company Olzhas Shilterkhanov. Dostyk TransTerminal is the first and currently the only terminal at Dostyk station that allows you to organize transportation using “end–to-end” technology. Moreover, it is possible to form long–composite container trains – up to 71 conventional units – this is the agreed maximum length of trains between the roads of Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia. Now the first stage of Dostyk TransTerminal is 100% loaded, the second stage is gaining momentum. In the future, the construction of the third stage will bring the total capacity of this transshipment base at Dostyk station to 480 thousand tons. DFE per year.

The terminal’s capacity allows to overload 9 trains per day. In addition, a new siding has been built, which makes it possible to overload without entering Dostyk station. That is, a container train enters the terminal from China, is overloaded, formed for the customer, and then goes to its destination via new tracks and immediately onto the main railway network.

This terminal is a very important point on the route map of the Eurasian continent, it is a very important link between those large countries that trade on this part of the land.

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