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PTC Cargo organized multimodal transportation of monomethylaniline, which belongs to the category of “dangerous goods”.

PTC Cargo specialists have developed and implemented an individual project to ship dangerous cargo in IBC containers using 20-foot ISO containers from the port of Shanghai (PRC) via Vladivostok (RF) to Shymkent (Kazakhstan). The cargo weighing 1000 tons will cover more than 9900 km. The expected transit time will be 30-35 days.

The transport solution includes a range of services: development and coordination of the loading scheme, provision of a warehouse at the port of shipment, customs clearance of cargo at the port of Vladivostok. In addition, within the framework of the project, services were provided for the provision of a vessel for loading and rolling stock, payment of a tariff for the territories of Russia and Kazakhstan, as well as sea freight.

Transportation of dangerous goods, including chemical ones, requires special conditions at all stages of transportation. Dangerous goods include substances that can harm the life/health of humans and animals, the state of the environment and all material objects. Their transportation is regulated by ADR (the European Agreement on Standards for the International Transport of Hazardous Substances), the OIE, the rules of carriage by rail and other rules – and depends on which hazard class they belong to. The classes are defined by the UN list, which contains about 3,500 items of cargo.

For the transportation of dangerous goods, it uses universal, as well as special containers, the design and parameters of which meet the requirements of standards and specifications and ensure the safety of cargo and the safety of transportation.

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