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On November 23, TOO «PTC Cargo» together with Gansu China-Europe Logistics Co., Ltd for the first time organized the departure of a container train from Kazakhstan, from Zhana-Yessil station to China. Trains in the direction of China will enter through the border crossing Dostyk-Alashankou and will arrive at the customs logistics center Wuwei.

On this route PTC Cargo plans to carry more than 4 thousand tons of cargo each month.

The train consists of 31 cars, which belong to the parent company LLP kombi «PTC Holding» and 50 containers with 1300 tons of feed. This batch of feed is selected from the original Kazakh wheat, selected high-quality kernels and low-temperature grinding technology to provide a soft gluten product and pleasant flavor of wheat.

«PTC Cargo» provides comprehensive service on organization of container trains in directions China-Europe, China-Moscow Node and China-Central Asia.

In the first six months of this year, 307 container trains were carried out and more than 17 thousand containers were trans-shipped between China, Central Asia and Europe. In the first six months of this year, the number of containers was increased.

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