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How to develop the country’s transport potential?

The problems of the transport industry and ways to solve them were discussed today in Almaty at the V International Transport and Logistics Business Forum NEW SILK WAY.

Как развивать транспортный потенциал страны?

At the forum, which has become an important and expected event in the industry, more than 350 delegates from 14 countries discussed the most pressing issues related to the transport potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During the discussion, within the framework of several panel sessions, various directions of the transport industry, new trends in global logistics and tools that will allow our country not only to maintain its transport and transit potential, but also to become the most important Eurasian transport and logistics hub were discussed.

According to many experts, the development of container and multimodal transportation should become the main trend in the development of the country’s transport industry. This is exactly what the Chairman of the Management Board of PTC Holding LLP spoke about in his speech at the panel session Timur Karabayev, noting the factors hindering the development of the industry.

“Currently, container transportation is the most popular and reliable type of delivery worldwide. The share of this type in the international transportation market reaches 90%. The volume of container traffic in Kazakhstan is growing every year. Last year, for example, this indicator increased by 22%.

However, if we talk about domestic transportation, the share of container shipments within the country or exports by the end of 2021 did not exceed 5.4%. According to experts, the development of container and multimodal transportation will give a huge boost to the development of Kazakhstani enterprises.

But there are factors hindering the development of the industry. This is a tariff issue. In Kazakhstan, the cost of transporting one ton of cargo in a container is 2.5-3 times higher than in other countries,” said Timur Karabayev, Chairman of the Board of PTC Holding.

In his interview for Timur Zhumartovich stressed that for the development of multimodal and container transportation, it is necessary to take a number of measures, and the most necessary step is to reduce tariffs for this type of cargo delivery.

“The experience of our closest neighbors shows that a reasonable approach to tariffs, where container transportation received benefits, allowed us to dramatically increase the volume of cargo transportation. And if we are following the path of industrialization today and talking about supporting Kazakhstani producers and exporters, then we, as representatives of the transport industry, should give them more opportunities by providing the maximum number of options for cargo delivery.

And today, the first thing we need is to make a fair container transportation tariff in relation to the universal fleet. Currently, the cost of transporting a ton of cargo is two and a half times higher, and this is an obstacle primarily for export-oriented manufacturers. And the main thing today is to equalize tariffs by applying a coefficient of 0.7 to tariffs for the delivery of goods by containers.

The second thing that is important for us to pay attention to is the development of multimodal transportation, where there is a situation that transit tariffs are applied to cargo that is transported by several modes of transport, which are much higher,” Timur Karabayev stressed.

A kind of continuation of the business forum within the framework of the transport week of Kazakhstan, another platform for discussions, negotiations and conclusion of contracts will be the Kazakhstan international exhibition “Transport and Logistics”, which opens in Almaty.

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