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In November, PTC Holding sent 5 trains with products of the new integrated gas chemical complex “Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc.”. One of them was issued in accordance with the full service of the subsidiary company PTC Cargo “from the first to the last mile”.
So, a container train of 62 40-foot containers was sent from the Kabatano station to China. The full freight forwarding complex includes: provision of containers, fitting platforms, payment of railway tariffs in Kazakhstan and China, terminal services in China and the provision of “last mile” services (by cars)) PTC Cargo LLP via Jinhuanan Transit station (Jinhuanan) with further spraying in groups at 4 stations Chengdu-4 containers, Chongqing-28 containers, Ningbo-12 containers, Qingdao-18 containers.

In December, KPI together with RTC Holding plans to send 30 trains with polypropylene.

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