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A little more than 2 months on the border with the People’s Republic of China (border crossing Dostyk-Alashankou) Dostyk Trans Terminal operates for the transhipment of goods and containers from the railway gauge of 1,435 mm to the track of 1,520 mm. Since its opening on the territory of Kazakhstan, China is accepted, processed and dispatched on average 3 more container trains than before. This figure will soon increase to 6 container trains per day. And from 2022, Dostyk Trans Terminal will be ready to form and send up to 12 container trains. And this means that the flow of cargo in the direction of China-Europe-China through Kazakhstan will grow many times. This is a significant contribution to the development of the transit capacity of the country, which has been discussed at the State level for many years. It is noteworthy that the project for private investment has been implemented.

The management company of the cargo handling terminal is the Kazakh freight forwarding company «PTC Cargo». Since 4 June, they have organized the transport of more than 200 international trains consisting of 11,000 large containers. Main cargo directions: China-Europe-China, China-Central Asian countries, China-Russia.

70% of the container flow between China and Europe passes through Dostyk station. Most of the cargo is handled by the Dostyk Trans Terminal. Increasing the transit potential of Kazakhstan is one of the strategic tasks of the country, and we are doing our best to realize it as much as possible», – said the CEO of «PTC Cargo» Shyngys Tuleushin.

Despite the pandemic and quarantine, the volume of transit container transport in Kazakhstan is growing, at the end of last year by 65%, amounting to 517.5 thousand. containers. According to Shyngys Tuleushina to date, difficulties with both Chinese and European sides remain. The People’s Republic of China has introduced additional quarantine measures with regard to cargo inspection, and because of the pandemic, there are disruptions in the reception and dispatch of trains in a number of EU countries.

Since June, more than 11,000 containers have been reloaded and shipped in 40-foot equivalent. The volume is increasing monthly. We receive orders from two major logistics centers of China and one European. Cargo to EU countries for China is a priority. So it’s a big responsibility. We must ensure uninterrupted cargo reception, rational use of the terminal and availability of all services for customers», – said the head of «PTC Cargo».

PTC Cargo has recently become a partner of the largest joint transport and logistics company «Eurasian Railway Alliance» (JSC «OTLK-EPA»). This alliance was created by the railway administrations of three countries – Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. Cooperation gives PTC Cargo the exclusive right to act as a freight forwarder of JSC «OTLK-EPA» on the territory of Kazakhstan in the organization of container trains on the route China – Europe – China with the use of its own terminal capacity for transhipment of cargo to Moscow. Dostyk.

As Shyngys Tuleushin told, as part of the development of the terminal PTC Cargo develops models of multimodal services. It will be interesting for customers to receive cargoes with further trans-shipment into container trains. An example of these services is the order for the transportation of lithium batteries, which are planned to be shipped at the terminal on the model of car + railway» – added the head of PTC Cargo.

In addition, the company offers the dispatch of container trains on an alternative route to Europe and offers a proven service across border crossings

Izov/Slavkuv (Poland), Chop/Batevo/Budapest (Hungary). It is possible to provide both one way and trip round service.

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